Three volunteer projects in Kranj deliver results

The Goodyear employees in Kranj contribute to the society with various socially responsible actions across Gorenjska region. Volunteers of “A Goodyear Better Future” program helped in organizing a basketball tournament for the elementary school pupils in fourth and fifth grade,  built a garden shed at the Živ Žav kindergarten in Stražišče and started to revitalize the Kokra river canyon.

Goodyear in Kranj is implementing a socially responsible campaign called “A Goodyear Better Future” program again this year in order to be actively involved in local communities. The main goal of the company is that its employees, in cooperation with external organizations, help in creating a better living and working environment. Therefore, more than 120 volunteers will participate in 13 actions in the area of environmental sustainability, safe mobility and the promotion of children and adults to achieve their full potential.

The Goodyear employees in Kranj, brought together by shared love of sports and in cooperation with the Kranj Elementary School Basketball Association, organized a second basketball tournament for the fourth and fifth grade pupils. Goodyear’s team provided snacks and drinks, helped with the refereeing and writing of minutes, and entertained free teams between the matches. They ensured for 120 children from 10 schools to receive their earned diplomas, medals and cups at the end of the tournament.

The team of volunteers also took care of the safe shelter of the outdoor toys in Živ Žav kindergarten in Stražišče, Kranj. They built, installed and protected a new garden shed, and also took care of an older shed with a fresh layer of paint. The children will now be able to put away their outdoor toys in order to serve them for a long time to come.

Another volunteer project was executed to preserve the natural heritage of Kranj, where a group of Goodyear employees, in cooperation with the representatives of the Center for Sustainable Rural Development Kranj and the regional units of Slovenian Forest Service, started landscaping in the Kokra river canyon. In the first part of the action, the canyon was cleared of waste, while some of the overgrown hills will be settled in autumn in order to restore the autochthonous tree species there. This voluntary action is actually an introduction to a long-term project to revitalize the Kokra river canyon in partnership with the Municipality of Kranj and the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation, in order to strengthen the river banks and to restore individual parts of the walking routes.

Nejc Horvat


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