adidas Superstar celebrates 50 years

The legendary adidas Superstar is marking its round anniversary this year. Starting at the basketball court in 1969 and initially available only to a chosen few, it become indispensable in all spheres of urban life in the past 50 years. On the streets, it impressed hip-hopers and rappers, while pop culture had finally put them on a pedestal. Trendy Superstar has remained on the scene for decades, consolidating its position in various circles – close to artists, designers and musicians as well as athletes. Today, however, it’s still a first choice of those who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Over time, adidas Superstar has earned the status of a true bonafide icon and sovereignly climbed to the top of urban fashion in its 50 years of changing a game. From its distinctive shell-toe to the serrated 3-stripe mark and rubber cupsole, this soft leather sneaker is made for the game-changers of today. Originally sports brand that has made its name known among musicians, artists and designers, adidas Originals belongs to all who are aware that change is a team sport.

One of them is a versatile actor Johan Hill, who attributes the term “superstar” to any individual he admires as a role model or creator. He also believes that the formula for success is to unite the power of various generations: “There is no knowledge without the previous generation that has brought it together. At the same time, there is no change or a shift without a new generation,” Jonah explains. “If these two generations come together, they are able to create a nuclear charge necessary for brilliant art and brilliant creativity.” Following the example of Jonah, the multi-generational Superstar creative team is determined to create that nuclear creativity charge – because a team power is needed to make a change.

The Superstar thus remains the only footwear that brings together a wide variety of groups – from skaters, hip-hopers to artists etc. As their common denominator, it encourages them to work together and use their collective power to create the future they wish to live in.

The visual message of “Change is a team sport” was captured by Superstar creators in a video created by Jonah Hill:

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