App for better user experience in viewing TV

Telemach is the first telecommunications operator in the Slovenian market that has enabled content viewing using the EON Smart TV app for smart TVs. This unique app can easily be downloaded from the app store by the new generation TVs or streaming devices users, and a full range of programs and all the advanced features of the EON platform can be enjoyed. There is no need for any additional equipment as the existing TV remote control is sufficient.

Telemach is the first telecommunications operator in Slovenia that has enabled the content viewing using the app for smart TVs. The EON Smart TV app is available for all the next-generation smart TVs and streaming devices, and can be simply downloaded from the app store and activated on the My Telemach users’ portal. Information on smart TV models and streaming devices that support the app is available on Telemach’s website.

The app allows the users to enjoy a full range of programs, including more than 70 HD programs in EON program schemes, as well as all the advanced features of the EON platform. These include content viewing for up to 7 days after they were on seleted TV programs, access to the largest Video Club with over 14,000 popular movies and series available to EON package subscribers at no extra cost, a simple TV program guide, live TV stopping, and the option to create own program lists. To do all this, no extra external receiver or remote control is needed, but only the existing TV remote control.


EON TV services are also available to the users who are not able to connect to Telemach’s network, as they only need appropriate TV or streaming device and Internet to use the EON Smart TV app, regardless of Internet connection provider.

The unique EON Smart TV app is included in all three EON packages that are currently available for the new Telemach subscribers in a special campaign.

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