Beyoncé and adidas joined forces

adidas has concluded an exclusive collaboration with Beyoncé, who will create her own line of clothing and footwear together with this popular brand. A versatile Beyoncé was brought together with adidas by the commitment to creativity, confronting stereotypes and the belief that sports change lives. The new and exciting collaboration has one clear goal: to highlight the importance of women as leaders, and to empower and inspire them in their role.

adidas and Beyoncé announced their exclusive collaboration to create a new collection of clothing and footwear for sports and leisure activities. With a common story, they most of all intend to empower and inspire the generation of women athletes, creators and leaders, as well as create positive changes in the world through sport.

By concluding this collaboration, Beyoncé made her life-long vision come true as she sees adidas as a trade mark that tirelessly pushes the limits of creativity, shatters stereotypes and constantly strives for equality in the society. Creativity, constant growth and social responsibility are the values most important to her, too; she is therefore particularly pleased to be able to create under the auspices of adidas while upgrading her own Ivy Park brand.

By welcoming Beyoncé in the family, adidas has sent a strong message to her and expressed a great respect to her as one of the first black owners of the Athleisure brand. Together, they will challenge the status quo and strive to change the world for the better.

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