Done in Copper Mountain, Ilka Štuhec now awaits start of the season

Ilka Štuhec and her team have completed the final part of preparations for the new Alpine Skiing World Cup season. The training conditions were invaluable in Copper Mountain, USA. The season begins for Štuhec on 6 December in Lake Louise.

The change in the preparation period; Štuhec didn’t spent the summer in preparations in Chile, which also meant an earlier departure to the USA and the final set of preparations in a dreamy Copper Mountain, which is usually reserved for the US national team. At the conclusion of the preparations and the first ever training camp in Copper Mountain, the two-time consecutive world champion in downhill was very pleased with the work done: “I consider the preparations in Copper Mountain to be excellent because we have achieved and even exceeded our goals. A downhill ride took about a minute and a half, which is a lot considering the altitude. You have everything on the trail – the slope, the plane, the cracks, the turns, the jump, basically everything is suitable for a World Cup run. To be able to train at that level in this part of the preparations is very welcome.”

As coach Stefan Abplanalp pointed out at the latest press conference, this set has served to find a more offensive skiing mode as the World Cup season approaches. In the company of the American, Italian, German and partly Austrian national teams, Štuhec got some comparison with the competitors just before the season. Nevertheless, she answers the questions about times: “Of course, we also compared times and got some comparisons. But there are still a lot of variables, and training times can be very deceptive. I still focus on myself and my performance. I want to perfect the runs, eliminate minor mistakes and start the season as well prepared as possible.”

The first race of the new World Cup season is scheduled for Friday. Štuhec won her first World Cup three years ago there – in Lake Louise, Canada.

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