Five reasons why you should study online

Are you always on the run, but would you still like to take a step forward? Although you are making a huge effort, you don’t find time for additional education? There is a solution – online studying. We give you five reasons why choose online studies and reveal which one is the best choice in Slovenia!

  1. Flexibility

“I do not have time” is probably the most common excuse when it comes to additional education. With a busy pace at work and taking care of the family, it seems a very valid argument. But not when it comes to online studying. It usually offers a very flexible timetable, since we can study when we have time. All lectures are available online 24/7 and we can organize our time ourselves, not being obligated to attend lectures at a specific hour and at a specific place.

  • Support

You are never alone. Each student is accompanied by a mentor, who is always available and guide the student through the studies. All other answers are provided by a team of people, ensuring for the education process to run smoothly.

  • Progressiveness

No more boring lectures as all programs are constantly evolving and adapting to the society and environment development. The lecturers are experts, so the studies are based on practical examples. Lecturers and students act as team members, so the tasks are being completed based on the cooperation principle.

  • Successfulness

The vast majority of students successfully enrol in a higher year and complete their studies, although most of them study while working. The successfulness of online studies is also evident among professional athletes and everyone else with a very dynamic and active lifestyle.

  • Credibility

Although this is a modern approach to acquiring education, online high quality study programs are also provided with international accreditation that reflects their excellence and international visibility. This means that the knowledge acquired meets all the required standards.

What kind of choice do we have in Slovenia?

DOBA Faculty stands out here among online studies providers as one of the most successful and a high quality provider. Due to their advanced teaching methods and programs as well as expert practitioners, they are extremely successful in implementing their own programs accredited by two international accreditations. More than 7,000 graduates have been educated in twenty years of DOBA Faculty and graduated in 13 different completely online programs.

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