Lake Bled cleaned together with divers

The Bled Society for Underwater activities, in cooperation with the Slovenian Diving Association, the Bled Fishing Family, the Bled Municipality and the public utility company of Infrastruktura Bled carried out the 26th traditional cleaning of Lake Bled’s bottom and its banks on Saturday, 18th May. SPAR Slovenija also supported the divers within the framework of its Think ECOlogical campaign. The organizers and volunteers removed more than 6m3of waste from the lake and its banks.

In the 26th traditional cleaning the Lake Bled, the Slovenian Diving Association and the Bled Society for Underwater activitiesjoined forces with the Municipality of Bled, the Bled Fishing Family, Infrastruktura Bled, the fishermen, boat drivers, rescuers, environmentalists and local residents. More than 150 volunteers assisted in pulling 6 m3of waste out of Lake Bled.

After the cleaning activity was finished, a traditional gathering picnic followed in the Castle bath with the campaign analysis and presentation of divers and other societies.

Janez Andrejc, the president of the Bled Society for Underwater Activities, thanked all the participants after the activity and said: “We have been executing this campaign for 26 years now and I am pleased that the number of participants is increasing by the year. We can do something good for the environment together and our efforts have been repaid again as there is less trash in the lake every year. Each successfully completed cleaning campaign represents a small victory with a great importance and we are pleased to be supported by Spar Slovenia.”

Besides Lake Bled, SPAR Slovenia also cleaned the rivers of Drava, Mura, Ščavnica, Sava, Krka and Ljubljanica within the framework of its socially responsible Think ECOlogical  campaign, established as Spar’s commitment to ecological behaviour, reuse of shopping bags, lower consumption of light plastic bags and sustainable thinking.

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