Legendary EQTs back on the street

New adidas sneakers with a basketball touch will take on the generation of the most daring style lovers intertwining sport and fashion. The latest design of the EQT BASK ADV model includes the nostalgic aspiration of the EQT shoe from the 90’s, but a basketball context reflects a unique and different look that leaves a mark when you walk down the street.

At the meeting point of creativity and focus on quality, adidas presented a striking novelty of the EQT cult line this year. The EQT BASK ADV sneakers’ iconic design of the 90’s is being upgraded with a basketball touch, getting the design idea in the older models of basketball sneakers. The campaign is represented by the rapper called A$AP Ferg and his inspiring street style suggesting that the happening on the street can be even more interesting than the action on the basketball court. The cleaned silhouette, and the unification of street style and a legendary sports legacy suggests guidelines for creating new constraints, also bringing integrity to the fashion of new generations.

When sport becomes a style
This year’s EQTs give priority to the basics and offer the essence without unnecessary ballast. Impeccable design, high quality materials, style, protection and comfort are all that modern street guerrillas need to take a step outside the established paths. The perfect look of the sneaker comes with a knitted mesh design with a structured suede, and the molded TPU panels around the heel and forefoot add extra support. The EQT classical elements, such as the integrated three-line designation, the embroidered detail on the heel and the green or the blue colour, connect the EQT line to its past tradition. The result is a product that represents one of the most well-known adidas franchises in a whole new light.
The function becomes a form. Sport becomes a style. But integrity remains integrity.

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