New VIVA natural beverages

OMV expanded its VIVA product range to include four new natural beverages in order to provide an even wider selection of drinks at all of its VIVA filling station shops. 

The new line of VIVA beverages will feature matcha and rose hip tea varieties as well as blueberry-açai and lime-pomelo vitamin waters. The ingredients are completely free of added sugar, sweeteners, artificial flavours, preservatives, and colouring, and are also vegan.

“With the launch of these new vitamin-packed, natural beverages, we are expanding our VIVA product range, which follows our philosophy of offering our customers premium-quality products for when they’re on the move. At the same time, the drinks are completely free of added sugar and other sweeteners such as stevia. All of the sweetness comes from the natural fruit sources. This makes our VIVA beverages especially low in calories. The calorific value of a bottle of vitamin water is less than three quarters of that of an apple, so a calorie quantity that can easily be burned by walking for five minutes,” said Vanja Lombar, general director of OMV Slovenija. 

Carefully selected raw materials ensure the high vitamin content of the beverages, and gentle brewing processes make it possible to preserve all of the nutrients in the teas.

Spring water is exclusively used as the basis for both vitamin waters, and it is enriched with the natural flavours of the fruits. As a result, the beverages are especially rich in nutrients and meet the daily requirements for vitamin C and the B vitamins. In addition, coenzyme Q10, which generates energy in the body’s cells, is added to the blueberry-açai variety, and the lime-pomelo vitamin water is supplemented with green coffee beans. The product names highlight the positive effects of each vitamin water flavour.  Customers can fill up their energy tanks with blueberry-açai RELOAD, while lime-pomelo DRIVE will give motorists extra drive.

The matcha and rose hip tea varieties are produced using an infusion process in which valuable, high-quality substances are extracted from the tea. Only real herbs are used in this traditional brewing method, not tea extracts.

Zeleni matcha čaj pomaga pri osredotočenju zahvaljujoč pomirjujočemu učinku, kar se odraža tudi v poimenovanju – FOCUS.

The matcha tea helps provide focus thanks to its calming effect, which is also reflected in the name FOCUS.

Thanks to the composition of its natural ingredients – rose hip tea and plum and hibiscus fruit juices – the REFRESH tea has a revitalising effect on the body.

The packaging is 100% recyclable; the bottle, cap, and wrapper can be disposed of together and thus help protect the environment by being recycled.

The product design for the new beverage line is integrated into the VIVA brand image, which features the large V as the central identifying feature. The visualisation of the two vitamin waters, RELOAD and DRIVE, and the freshly brewed teas, FOCUS and REFRESH, is supported by the easy-to-remember names, which make the benefits of this premium private label clearly visible for customers.

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