Nite Joggers – a Slovenian social networks stars

There are creative people that express their creativity best in the early morning hours, while others reach their full potential after the sunset. The latter are the so-called night owls and start to shine when the night falls, which can be also attributed to the new Nite Joggers by adidas. They are created based on the model of the renowned running shoe from the 1980s and inspired by the hi-vis technology, which at night actually illuminates the way for its user.

With the innovative design and reflective elements, the Nite Jogger sneakers have become true stars of social networks with their key message: “It is never too late to make your visions, goals and dreams come true.” These crazy adidas footwear is simply loved by musical creators Gaja Prestor and Žan Serčič, acrobats Tim Nuč and Luka Avguštin knowns as Flipping Art, and our Eurovision representatives Zala Kralj and Gašper Šantl who paid tribute to them by posting that “stars could never be overlooked if they were wearing adidas’ Nite Joggers”.

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