OMV brings new VIVA product label to the Shop shelves

OMV is launching a new convenience product. From the beginning of May 2019, the new VIVA iced coffee in the two flavors Cappuccino and Café Latte is available at all OMV filling stations. 

The new VIVA product label is designed to primarily meet the needs of mobile costumers, as it embody top quality, freshness and convenience. The continually expanding selectionfocuses on convenience products. In doing so, OMV is increasingly complying with the wishes of filling station customers who are primarily interested in articles which can be consumed on the go. 

Vanja Lombar, Managing Director at OMV Slovenija stresses that: “The new VIVA product label feature top quality, freshness and comfort, which is also confirmed by our VIVA iced coffee.  With this label we are setting another strong signal towards extending our quality leadership in the filling station market, reflecting the wishes of the many discerning customers who shop daily at OMV VIVA Shops.” 

VIVA iced coffee is an excellent combination of 100% Arabica coffee and best quality milk. VIVA iced coffee contains absolutely no artificial flavors or preservatives. The new VIVA iced coffee is made in Austria and comes to the OMV VIVA Shops in an attractively striking design, in resalable 250g bottles, and in the two flavors Cappuccino and Café Latte. The introduction of the new VIVA product label is supported by a modern brand design and product appearance. The focus lies on the popular VIVA brand, with its hallmark capital V. 

Tilen Lamut


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