Online studying – why to choose it?

Online studies are a modern and advanced form of studying chosen by people with a very dynamic and active lifestyle. The main reason is the many advantages that online studies bring in comparison with the classical form of studying. Here are the main five advantages:

Time flexibility

The main advantage of online studies is the time flexibility, since the students are not bound by lecture schedules. They freely choose the term of lectures as they wish; when they have time and are motivated enough as the lectures are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Such a studying is very suitable for anyone who doesn’t have time or his lifestyle prevents the student to regularly attend lectures in a lecture room.


Today, we all live faster and are usually in a hurry. One of the main reasons is also a lot of time spent for getting to work or running errands. In online studies, there’s no need for changing the location to be able to attend a lecture. It can be done wherever suits the student – whether at work, at home, on vacation, or on a train on the way home.


Everyone who ever sat in a lecture room with hundreds of students in uncomfortable chairs and in a restless premises with bad air is able to confirm that in such an environment, it is difficult to focus on the lecture itself. Online studies allow the student to learn from the home sofa, hotel terrace or a hammock. He chooses the “lecture room” completely by himself.

Peace of mind

In online studies, the students are by no means left to themselves as there are tutors and support staff available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, ensuring the education process runs smoothly. This allows the student to manage the risks and eliminate any uncertainties in a timely manner, regardless of when and where encountering the problem.

Modern approach

Online studying is advanced in line with all new standards and introducing modern practices. All lecturers are highly educated professionals teaching in a manner of practical problem solving. In online studies, the students forget about learning just to pass the exam. They will be able to use all the knowledge gained this way in practice; in their workplace and other engagements.

What kind of choice do we have in Slovenia?

DOBA Faculty stands out here among online studies providers, celebrating 20 years of online studies this year. It is considered one of the best providers of such form of studying in Slovenia. Its advancement and expertise got the faculty two international accreditations. More than 7,000 graduates have been educated in 20 years of DOBA Faculty and graduated in 13 different completely online programs.

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