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Telemach has introduced a new version of its EON receiver that provides an enhanced television experience. Based on past views, it recommends the content the users are interested in, also bringing an upgrade for the youngest – it is called EON Kids.

Since the fall of 2018 when Telemach first introduced the EON digital receiver, it has been constantly upgrading it with the aim of improving the user experience. Based on anonymized data on the habits of the viewers, viewing time and devices used to watch the content – as presented at the press conference – the service is constantly developed, updated and adapted to the wishes or needs of users. This time, the company unveiled the latest update to the EON platform, which represents a major step towards an even more sophisticated user experience that they are constantly striving for.

EON now even more user-friendly

The improved version of the EON platform will completely change the TV experience, as it will recommend the content the users are interested in and like to watch. Each user or family member will be able to create their own profile (up to five profiles in total), and EON will learn and get to know the individual’s habits on the basis of the viewed content and recommend the content that best reflects the individuals’ interests. Last week’s content can be found in the “Missed for you” section, the Video Club recommendations in the “Recommended for you” section, and the “Currently on for you” section will soon be available with the recommended live content.

Children’s corner included in EON as novelty

A novelty of the platform is also the EON Kids corner for our youngest. They will be able to watch everything they want without any worries, as it will contain only the age appropriate content, and – for additional security – parents will be able to use a PIN code to prevent the kids from accessing other profiles. There will be popular cartoons available such as Pepa the Pig in the Hopster catalogue, Paws on Patrol in the new Nick+ catalogue and Talking Tom and friends on Minimax, and a Disney catalogue and many other contents will soon be added. Watching TV will be enriched by a fun remote control, designed especially for the youngest and will be available this year.

Telemach successfully withstood the challenges of the coronavirus crisis

Telecommunication operators were one the main pillars of the normal operation of society in the coronavirus period. As a result, traffic in the telecommunications market increased in all segments – both in the field of fixed internet and mobile services. The length of voice calls increased by 70% in the first weeks, while the use of the Internet increased by an average of 200% between 8 am and 6 pm.

Aware of the seriousness of the situation, Telemach prepared for uninterrupted work even before the crisis began, took the necessary measures to maintain the safety of employees and users, thus ensuring that teams in the field successfully provided assistance and performed necessary maintenance work. Together with the employees who worked from home, they took care of maintaining stable and quality services and a good user experience, while not forgetting about social responsibility. Namely, they donated equipment and funds in the amount of almost half a million euros to the state and hospitals, and over 100 tablets with internet access were given to the socially vulnerable for easier schooling from home. Telemach will continue carrying out such activities as the company wants to continue to help people access the Internet, being aware that it is becoming an indispensable part of every individual’s life.

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