The avant-garde Ozweego at the heart of urban culture

adidas Originals unveiled its latest Ozweego urban sneaker model at the evening block party of the Urban Culture Festival Slovenia – FUKSi. A famous Slovenian hip hop artist and adidas ambassador Zlatko performed in these new sneakers, while a Slovenian music star Gaja Prestor joined him on stage. Celebrating this avant-garde Ozweego model, their performance was supported by the attractive Flipping Art duo and the audience was also entertained by the GOR dance group.

Urban Culture Festival Slovenia – FUKSi in Tobačna in Ljubljana has been enriched this year by DJ David Morales, a Grammy winner who collaborated with many world class stars. Before his appearance, the audience was warmed up by the stars of the Slovenian music scene and the adidas Originals ambassadors, hip hoper Zlatko and singer Gaja Prestor. The GOR dancers and the acrobatic Flipping Art duo walked Zlatko and Gaja through the crowd to the stage, blending in with the surrounding of urban post-industrial scenery as representatives of street culture and urban lifestyles.

At the event, adidas Originals introduced a reinterpreted legendary Ozweego sneaker model, a modern version of the iconic OZWEEGO 3 running model from 1998. It is one of the most popular 90s models that has been transformed into the language of today’s generation, while retaining key innovative elements, such as adiPRENE and adiPRENE+ technologies. The look of this sporty-fashionable sneaker had been elevated by the propulsive designers to create a crazy model of futuristic lines for bold individuals who appreciate comfort.

The common theme of the Urban Culture Festival is celebrating the urban lifestyle, so the inclusion of the Ozweego sneaker is simply perfect – with this adidas model, so called “ugly sneakers” got their prettier counterpart and position themselves as currently the most unconventionally inspired footwear that changes the courses of street style. Ozweego’s special silhouette and challenging colour combinations reminds us of the existence of authentic products and innovative solutions in the global lifestyle sneaker market.

Check the video below and see how famous Slovenians celebrated the arrival of Ozweego.

adidas Ozweego X FUKSi

Top event za top copat! 😎 Z adidasovimi ambasadorji smo pozdravili prihod avantgardnih copat #ozweego. 🔥 Z nami so bili Zlatko, Gaja Prestor in akrobatski tandem Flipping Art, dogodek pa so popestrili tudi plesalci društva GOR. 🤩 Utrinke z dogodka si oglejte v spodnjem videu. 👇

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