The new Huawei P30 Pro on its way

Are you one of those craving for the most advanced technology available in the market? Then you probably eagerly await the arrival of the new mobile device from the Chinese technological giant Huawei.

After the highly successful P20 series, Huawei will offer the next P30 series in Slovenia, the arrival of which will announce the Huawei P30 Pro mobile phone. It will be available in Slovenia as of 27th March, and you can order it exclusively from Telemach as of March 1st. If you are among the first 200 ordering it, you will receive PlayStation 4 as a gift.

Superior device and unlimited communication

In choosing a mobile package, Telemach bets on the “NAJVEČ” package bringing unlimited use of data transfer, thus ensuring the full realisation of many options offered by the new Huawei P30 Pro. The NAJVEČ package is available from EUR 20, while Huawei P30 Pro will be available in this package at pre-order and in regular offers by EUR 30.83 per month.

The latest Huawei’s mobile phone is also available in the ŠE VEČ and VEČ packages that bring many advantages compared to any competing packages in the market, as Telemach doesn’t charge any additional data in the mentioned two packages to prevent unwanted additional costs. Only the Internet speed reduces, while in all three mobile packages, the users get the option of using EON mobile TV and free WiFi networks of UNIFI and UNIFI TRAVEL without additional payment.

Tilen Lamut


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