The semi-final pairs of 18. Spar Cup are known

On 21 January, a semi-final draw of 18. Spar Cup took place at Spar Slovenija’s headquarters. The tournament will host Petrol Olimpija, Helios Suns, Sixt Primorska and Hopsi Polzela. The best basketball teams will compete in Arena Bonifika in Koper, and the matches of four teams are scheduled for 16 and 17 February 2019.

The draw of semi-final pairs of the Slovenian basketball competition, where representatives of all four participant teams were present, was used for SPAR Slovenija and the Basketball Federation of Slovenia to extend their cooperation that has been going on for 19 years. Igor Mervič, CEO of SPAR Slovenija said: “These are turbulent times for Slovenian basketball. With the reference to the SPAR Cup, I do not want the last year’s situation to repeat. I remember it well – the Olimpija team came to the floor to lose the game. Whoever connected to sports knows what it means. You must want to win, not to lose. It is wrong if you don’t have any motivation, and this is the last thing I want to see this year, regardless of the club. As an athlete, you must be proud and privileged to be able to play a particular sport, so it’s unacceptable to come to the floor completely without a soul. I expect this year to be different and I want to see as much warrior and sports spirit as possible.”

The Basketball Federation of Slovenia’s president Matej Erjavec expressed his gratitude for SPAR Slovenija remaining strongly connected with the Slovenian basketball for better and worse: “The situation in our clubs is rising and our plan is to show this raise internationally. As far as the SPAR Cup is concerned, I have to point out that I’m really interested in this year’s outcome. SPAR Slovenija always pre-determine the location – this time, we proposed Arena Bonifika in Koper where also one of the team comes from, so I believe it will definitely be interesting and well organized. We are looking forward to these matches as well as the final game.”

Prior the final tournament of the 18. Spar Cup, the conclusion of the eighth season of the Spar Mini Cup will be held as the games for the 3rd place and the finals are scheduled for 17 February.

The Spar Cup winner will be known on 17 February after the final match, which will be broadcasted – as semi-final matches – by Šport TV. The Spar Mini Cup matches will be broadcasted on the Basketball Federation’s web portal.


16 February at 15.30 and 18.30:

Petrol Olimpija : Sixt Primorska
Hopsi Polzela : Helios Suns

17 February at 16.00:

17 February at 11.30:
Spar Mini Cup for the 3rd place

17 February at 13.00:


Roman Lisac, KK Petrol Olimpija: “We will do our best to be a decent, resp. better opponent. We will play with the first team and prove that Olimpija is worthy of its reputation.”

Ladivoj Gorjan, Helios Suns: “I believe everything is possible this time. We play against Polzela, which plays very well this year and there is every reason for this team to be in the upper part of the national championship. The cup is a surprise, but it’s clear that Domžale team is going for a win again.”

Matej Avanzo, KK Sixt Primorska: “Thanks especially to SPAR Slovenija to remain loyal to Slovenian basketball at the most important times. As for the rival, we did not have any special wishes. I’m convinced we have great chances to win in the home court and that the match before the home crowd may tip the scales in a game of surely equal competitors. We will do our best to get into the finals, and it will be shown on the floor who is better, so let’s let the players show on 16 February who the finalist of the semi final derby is.”

Janko Vašl, Hopsi Polzela: “After two years, we are back in the final tournament. We will do our best and hopefully win in the semi finals. In any case, let the best team win.”


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