United for a cleaner Drava river

On Saturday, March 23, members of the Slovenian Diving Federation organize the 27th DRAVA 2019  eco-cleansing campaign titled “We care” in cooperation with Maribor rafters. The campaign is also supported by SPAR Slovenija, which – within its socially responsible “Thinking EKOlogically” campaign – aims to promote sustainable thinking and the environment protection. So far, Spar has helped to clean up five Slovenian rivers: Mura, Ščavnica, Ljubljanica, Sava and Krka. Besides the Drava river, they plan to clean Ljubljanica and lake Bled this year.

The traditional cleaning campaign aims to raise awareness and inform people about the facts related to the Drava river and the organizers invite all those who seek to preserve the clean environment and our waters to join. The cleaning campaign will start at 10 am at the Water Tower near Drava (the address: Usnjarska 10) and will end at 14:30 on the same location with a review of the cleaning performance and a pleasant gathering.

This year, the ecological walk and waste collecting on the Drava banks will be organized in cooperation with the Maribor rafters and the Tourist Association of Maribor, and the organizers will prepare the educational event for children under the guidance of the MARS institute. The program will also include the fair of used diving equipment and presentation of the new one as well as a get-together of old diving equipment enthusiasts.

DRAVA 2019 program (10:00-14:30)

  • From 10:00: Registration of participants at the info point at the Water Tower near Drava in Maribor
  • Presentation of participants, and a fair of used diving equipment and presentation of a new one
  • 10:00: A start of eco walk in Koblar Bay in cooperation with Maribor rafters and Tourist Association Maribor (participants of eco walk will be collecting garbage on the banks of Drava)
  • 10:45-11:00: Handing over the instructions for the course of action to all participants, preparation of divers, driver’s boats and assistants
  • 11:00: Official opening of the event and group photography, professional lecture on diving in Drava, exhibition of photographs from Drava (Leon Želj)
  • 12:00: A start of diving (Maribor, Dravograd, Ruše, Ptuj, Varaždin, Krka)
  • 14:00-14:30: A closing of the event at Water Tower with lunch for participants and analysis of performance, thanking the sponsors and reporting live from other diving sites

Julija Csipö

Junior Advisor

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