Laura Vnuk

It was in elementary school where Laura already got engaged in journalism, determined to be meeting people who inspire and writing interesting stories in the future. As a first step, she studied journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ljubljana, upgrading many theoretical knowledge in practice at Večer Daily and TV Maribor during her studies.

Eager to explore new places and cultures, she spent a semester in Portugal and a working summer in the United States. After returning home, she continued her hunt for new experiences in the creative production of Pro Plus, where she was co-creating various reality shows and gaining diverse knowledge in the world of television production. She is now meeting new career challenges as a Propiar team member.

In her free time, she likes catching some sun rays, listening to the waves of the sea, spending hours in a search for new music, completing the list of movies she can’t watch yet and places she will definitely visit once.

The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things. – Carol S. Dweck