Tamara Vidmar

Tamara has been developing her sense of art from the art gymnasium on. She is attracted to aesthetics, poetry and finding beauty in the world that surrounds her. Her passion for creation began at the age of 17, when she first photographed the wedding. Since then, she has been upgrading her knowledge, and is today working independently as a wedding and family photographer. During her studies at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering, the Department of Graphic and Interactive Communications, she began to focus also on graphic design. She gained her knowledge and experience working on various projects; a Fanfare 2018 design manager is one of them. She was also covering the videos of the collections in campaigns of The Lie by Jerneja Podbevšek Zhembrovskyy trademark. Her greatest joy is currently graphic design and creating visual stories with the Propiar team.

She finds inspiration in details, the mountains and the sea, long walks, music, architecture, travels and pleasant gatherings with her friends.

Every person is a unique living being. Do not compare yourself to others, be unique.”