A birth of brilliance in Zlatarna Celje

Warmer months are almost here, bringing new beginnings and the same goes for Zlatarna Celje with its new “Birth of Brilliance” collection poetizing a stunning moment of birth. Carefully selected diamonds in the heart of the prestigious gold collection, surrounded by white gold abstractly representing creation or a birth of the universe.

A big bang, this magnificent creation of the universe and a central, larger diamond being born out of several tiny brilliants to shine in all its beauty. These are the stunning moments of a creation of something extraordinary that inspired a designer Désirée Kolarec to create a new, handmade Zlatarna Celje jewellery collection. Carefully selected shiny diamonds of a round brilliant cut in various sizes, surrounded by elegant white gold compose a collection containing a necklace, earrings and a ring, which is also an ideal choice for an engagement ring worthy of envy. Diamonds represent power and prestige, so the collection is suitable for ladies of all ages who are passionate about luxury jewellery – the “Birth of Brilliance” will surely make the attention of the crowd shine on them.

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