Mobile data transfer still dictates the pace of mobile service development

This year’s holiday December atmosphere will again be enjoyed by mobile phone users and especially those with daily high data usage. Telemach’s mobile packages now offer up to 80GB of data transfer on the domestic network.

There is no secret that users often chose their operator based on the amount of data transfer. Telemach continues to follow this trend. For the second time this year and for the fourth time since the launch of the VEČ (eng. MORE) mobile packages family, both existing and new users enjoy the increased amount of data transfer in all three mobile packages. As of December, the VEČ package brings 2GB of data transfer in Slovenia and 2.8GB of data transfer within the EU / EEA countries. The best-selling ŠE VEČ (eng. EVEN MORE) package offers as much as 50GB of data transfer at home, while its users can enjoy 6.5GB of data transfer in roaming within the EU / EEA countries at no extra cost.

The NAJVEČ package brings 80GB of data transfer at home and 9GB abroad

The NAJVEČ (eng. THE MOST) package of Telemach that meets the expectations of the most demanding mobile users now offers 80GB of data transfer in Slovenia, which represents an increase of as much as 20GB. Besides that, the users of this package enjoy 9GB of data transfer within the EU / EEA countries. The NAJVEČ package also provides 200MB of free data transfer while roaming in the USA.

It should be noted that even when the amount of data transfer is exceeded, it is not charged additionally. Only the speed of data transfer drops and this applies to all VEČ packages.

Additional services in all mobile packages for carefree surfing around the world

All Telemach mobile packages offer their users additional services that allow free browsing and watching their favourite TV content worldwide. The EON mobile TV as well as UNIFI and UNIFI Travel services are included in the price of the packages and available to the users at no extra charge.

Existing users of Telemach’s fixed services pay EUR 22 per NAJVEČ package, while other users pay EUR 24 per month. The ŠE VEČ package is available for Telemach’s fixed services users for EUR 15 per month, and the rest pay EUR 17 a month for the best-selling package in the Slovenian market. Monthly subscription for the VEČ package for existing Telemach fixed services users is EUR 6, while others pay EUR 7.5 per month for the VEČ package.

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