10 creative tips for IG Stories

Capturing and presenting moments from everyday life with the help of photos and videos has become extremely popular. Much of the credit for this goes to the Instagram Story (IG Story) feature, which is used by as many as 500 million users every day.

How to create an IG Story that will attract the user’s attention in 15 seconds, and impress him enough to keep him browsing through your profile?

The key to a unique and attractive IG Story is a consistent and aesthetic appearance, good design and a lot of original and diverse content. Below are a few simple tricks, which will help you in doing so.

Here are some tips for a consistent look:

– Always use the same font and color palette to create IG Stories. This makes it easier for followers to recognize your posts.

Don’t use too much text. IG Stories are only 15 seconds long. If there is too much text, followers won’t have time to read it. Remember – the main message should be the photo or video, not the text you write!

Create your own recognizable element (it can be a line, dot, star, etc.) that you use on all your IG Stories. This way your followers will immediately recognize you and know that it is your image.

IG Story offers many opportunities for creative and standout designs. In the videos below, I’ll reveal some ideas on how you can easily enrich your IG Stories and add some uniqueness and freshness to them.

1. Create a shadow

You can achieve a special effect with the font by creating a shadow. The text should be written twice in different colors and one text overlapping the other.

2. Include a different font and add a space between each letter

You can occasionally spice up a font that you use regularly on your IG Stories with another font. In doing so, however, you need to maintain a healthy measure so that it doesn’t look too kitschy. For a more aesthetic look, add a space after each letter.

3. Create a transparent strip

You can create a transparent strip very easily. Select the text writing function and choose the Classic font. Then write down a dot, press a series of spaces, and finish with another dot. After that, double-click on the font coloring feature to make the strip transparent. Stretch the strip to the point where the dots are no longer visible on the screen. Add caption or other elements, or you can simply enrich the IG Story by adding different compositions of strips.

4. Create a photo collage

iPhone users can create a photo collage inside the Instagram app. Simply open Instagram and select a random photo. Then click on the “Brush Tool” and select the far-left option. Select the desired background color (pressing and holding the color will give you the option of a wider color palette) and press the screen for about two seconds. This will create a solid background.

Next head to the gallery, select the photo you want and copy it. Open Instagram and the photo will appear as a sticker that you can zoom in, out and scroll around the screen as much you like. Repeat the process to add another photo.

5. Write the text in different ways

There are a bunch of ways you can write text much more creatively. You can place it on the edge of the photo, vertically, obliquely… To sum it up, be bold!

6. Write each letter separately

To emphasize the text more, write down each letter separately and colour it differently, or play with a different background colour. Additionally, you can spice up IG Story with “Brush Tool” and draw, circle, or brush.

7. Use video and gifs for special effects

Use the video as a background and cover it with a solid background using the same procedure described in point 4. Then use the “Eraser Tool” (located between the “Brush Tool” on the far right) to delete one part and write the desired text on it. To spice it up a bit, you can also add an interesting gif, that is going to make the Story even more fun and memorable.

Just an interesting fact – if you discover a certain gif creator (for example on Pinterest) you can enter the author’s name in the search box for gifs in IG Story, where you find his gifs. That way you can achieve even more unique and aesthetic gifs.

8. Create a spiral

Create a spiral around a person or object with Brush Tool. Then use “Eraser Tool” to wipe certain parts to make it look as if the person or object is wrapped in a spiral.

9. Create a palette

If you don’t want to add text to IG Story, but you think you story is missing something, you can use a very simple and interesting solution. Select a specific element on the keyboard (dot, asterisk, dash…) and add it to the IG Story using different colours you select from the uploaded photo.

10. Mix, draw, create – let your imagination flow

Instagram offers so many opportunities to create interesting content. Mix fonts, gifs, connect and draw! Remember, there are no obstacles. Let your imagination run wild.

IG Stories have better results every day, so companies and brands should use them to connect with their followers in an interesting and creative way. By regularly posting and using various options IG Story offers, Instagram’s algorithm notices us and offers our posts to a larger number of users. This, of course, increases the reach and visibility of an individual post, and consequently leads a greater number of users and better recognition of your brand.

Have fun creating!

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