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How to effectively approach public relations in a start-up?


Nowadays we have all heard of the term “start-up” company. These are newly established organizations trying to succeed with a minimum financial input and an innovative idea or product that satisfies a certain need better than competition. In most cases, these companies have a precisely designed short-term strategy aimed at...Read this article...

Apropó – workshop, internship, job opportunity or all in one


Good opportunities don't come along every day. And internship in one of the best Slovenian communication agencies is certainly one of the opportunities that should be grabbed with both hands. Since there is a whole-day free learning experience from communication professionals, Apropó is the winning combination. And Apropó is the...Read this article...

Now I understand you, too: influential marketing in the area of corporate social responsibility


Rotary Club Ljubljana-Castle has launched a charity project this year called “Living with Dyslexia” in order to raise public awareness on dyslexia and its challenges. The Club invited other Slovenian Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs to participate, while our team has actively joined the project as a communication support. In...Read this article...