The running shoe inspired by NASA engineering

Although you don’t know much about rocket science, you will be impressed by this innovative SOLARBOOST running shoe model, created in adidas Running. It is inspired by NASA engineering, and distinguished by its pure functionality and incredible performance. The Tailored Fibre Placement technology allows us to take full advantage of our energy and gain a running self-confidence, so we will be aching to go for our morning or evening run in the warmer months!

The SOLARBOOST running shoe is created for all running enthusiasts who demand only the best when it comes to their shoe, since it ensures performance, comfort and energy return when they run. The already-known but improved BOOST technology and the revolutionary Tailored Fiber Placement technology provide support and superior cushioningforoptimal running experience.

Functionality and performance by the NASA criteria
Innovative model is inspired by NASA engineering and designed for pure function. Drawing parallels with the construction of a space shuttle where every part has a unique purpose, every millimetre of the SOLARBOOST running shoe has been precisely designed and intended for a specific function. With the combination of a pioneering data-driven Tailored Fibre Placement technology and fibres featuring Parley from recycled ocean plastic waste, this running shoe provides with extra comfort, support and is unbelievable lightweight, whilst it allows a runner to surmount a kilometre after a kilometre confidently, regardless of speed or running distance.

Run to your self-confidence in “Run to Rise”
Self-confidence was a key principle behind the new Run to Rise campaign, since adidas is aware aboutits importance in all aspects of our lives. Therefore, the silhouette and its advanced technology celebrate the peak in confidence and energy that runners experience when completing their run.

The lightweight and durability – as a result of the best adidas innovations, the BOOST mid-sole for better responsivenessand the optimized Stretchweb outsole with a superior grip -have already helped many running enthusiasts to achieve their personal goals and reaching their peak. Will you be one of them?

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