Fiery and luxurious pieces of jewellery for applied art lovers

A jewellery is not just decoration, it’s an applied art and this is proved by the latest silver jewellery collection designed by Olga Košica for Zlatarna Celje. The inspiration for Lencia Baroque came from a richly decorated European historical and artistic style, while Lencia Flames burns with its fiery teeth a desert jasper is caught in. The perfect design of these collections represent art and add extravagance to your appearance – each in its own unique way.

These collections of silver jewellery will help Zlatarna Celje to impress you with bold pieces reflecting splendour, glow and clear details. Each piece of jewellery has its own story – historical enthusiasts will be seduced by the rich but sensuous pieces of the Lencia Baroque collection, which will immediately take you to the luxurious 17th century, characterized by an excessive visualisation of feelings, abundance, ornamentation and playfulness. A beautiful ring, a necklace and a baroque set of earrings are inventive accessories of your classic style as they go nicely with a business suit or an evening dress.

A great creativity is hidden in the Lencia Flames collection, created for everyone impressed by a sense of passion being caught in a physical shape. The fiery design and sandy colour of jasper encourage creativity and light a spark in the one wearing it. Calahari or desert jasper was the favourite gem in the ancient world, and is still known today as the crystal of happiness and protection, bringing comfort and driving out fear. Lencia Flames necklace and ring will delight the dramatic style lovers who buy and collect unusual pieces of jewellery, clothing and accessories. This jewellery is very special, noticeable and interesting in the business world, too. You will be wearing it authoritatively and self-confidently while communicating your originality with your perfected image.

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