New digital playground with interactive content


By adding new, diverse and high-quality content for children and their parents, Telemach opens the door to the limitless world of imagination. From now on, the Video Club makes hundreds of episodes of carefully selected and award-winning cartoons available to the youngest viewers, while the fun and effective learning is provided by the unique interactive Hopster application.

The leading Hopster platform is specially designed for children between 2 and 6 years of age. The learning content in Slovenian language includes cartoons such as Pepa Pig, Teletubbies and Treehouse Stories, as well as numerous educational games, enigmas and popular children’s songs. The Hopster app makes the learning process fun, while combining the visual and auditory learning style helps in faster memorizing, developing concentration and strengthening the memory.

Today, as more and more children grow up on television and smart devices, it’s important that we not only offer them a diverse and entertaining program, but above all content that is educational and is able to hold their attention. This is exactly what Hopster is offering. Thus, we bring high quality and selected content to the youngest viewers, as well as a new digital playground with interactive content that will make them absolutely careless and stimulate their desire to learn,” said Greta Cof, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

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