A delicate interlacement of seductive lines in jewellery pieces

The beginning of the New Year was marked by royal violet shades of Zlatarna Celje’s new silver collections designed by the renowned designer Olga Košica. The red thread of both collections is a unique interweaving of shapes that, in the Lencia Bonding collection, express the power of close emotional ties, and in the Lencia Alpha collection, express the harmonious rhythm of music. These amazing jewellery pieces are found fascinating by the beautiful dancer Nadiya Bychkova, who likes to add unique fashion accessories to her style.

Lencia Bonding

Seductive lines of the Lencia Bonding silver collection express the power of close emotional ties. The glittering of purple and green Swarovski crystals is embroidered in intertwining forms of unique jewellery that creates a sense of support, uninterrupted ties and trust. A set of a necklace, a ring and earrings is created as a sensual expression of affection for friends, family or a lover. We shouldn’t forget the love for ourselves as the mystique of this collection lights a spark of life and adds an artistic touch.

Lencia Alpha

The Lencia Alpha silver collection reflects a great deal of creativity as it consists of fitting triangular elements, joined in a harmonic rhythm of geometric shapes. The collection in timeless gray, beige and violet shades symbolizes musical tones that are weaved into a whole and form an unforgettable fashion tune. A unique hand-made set of a necklace, earrings and a ring thus forms a completely different dimension and gives your style a graceful edge with luxurious inspiration.

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