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International Women's Day

Tilen Lamut Nekategorizirano 2021

OMV Slovenia presents its female guests with sweet treats on their holiday this year as well. For 23 years in a row, they have been delighting every woman who visits one of their filling stations throughout Slovenia on Women’s Day. With carefully selected chocolate attention, this time a package of VIVA chocolate nuts, they bring […] Read this article...

2,500 tons of CO2 emissions offset in just one month

Tilen Lamut Nekategorizirano 2020

These days, OMV Slovenia is once again inviting members of its OMV Smile & Drive Loyalty Club to take part in an ongoing campaign to redeem loyalty points for offsetting the carbon emissions caused while driving vehicles. As members of the OMV Loyalty Club, individuals can redeem any number of loyalty points for carbon offsetting, which they […] Read this article...

The first Sports Law Arbitration Moot goes to students from University of Maribor, Slovenia

Tilen Lamut Nekategorizirano 2020

Law students of the University of Maribor are the winners of the SLAM – Sports Law Arbitration Moot competition, an international competition in the simulation of arbitration in the field of sports law. In the finals, they were better than the students from University of Belgrade. In the simulation of the selected UEFA case before […] Read this article...

New VIVA natural beverages

Tilen Lamut Nekategorizirano 2020

OMV expanded its VIVA product range to include four new natural beverages in order to provide an even wider selection of drinks at all of its VIVA filling station shops.  The new line of VIVA beverages will feature matcha and rose hip tea varieties as well as blueberry-açai and lime-pomelo vitamin waters. The ingredients are […] Read this article...

Recommended content for each family member

Nekategorizirano 2020

Telemach has introduced a new version of its EON receiver that provides an enhanced television experience. Based on past views, it recommends the content the users are interested in, also bringing an upgrade for the youngest – it is called EON Kids. Since the fall of 2018 when Telemach first introduced the EON digital receiver, […] Read this article...