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Will quitting smoking be your New Year's resolution?

Matej Črnjavič Nekategorizirano 2018

Smoking is one of the most harmful and stubborn habits. There is almost certainly no smoker who hasn’t smoked his “last” cigarette at least once in his life, and then ended up where he started. The beginning of the New Year is in the eyes of many an excellent opportunity for changes, so it is […] Read this article...

Two beauty queens and three Instagram queens in a joint movement

Julija Csipö Nekategorizirano 2018

Some we know from a catwalk, others are ruling Instagram, and all of them recently united for a common goal – to rise Slovenian women to their feet and motivate them to start the “2019 beach” project before January. The queens collaborating in this motivational movement are a personal trainer and a former miss of […] Read this article...

The first series of DuraShield truck tires

Nejc Horvat Nekategorizirano 2018

Goodyear has introduced OMNITRAC – a new generation of tires specially developed for vehicles used for mixed services (i.e. dump trucks, cement mixer trucks, concrete pumps and similar freight vehicles) that are faced with difficult conditions on unpaved roads on a daily basis, but mostly operate on roads. The DuraShield series with a patented technology […] Read this article...

A renowned law firm celebrated its 60th anniversary

Nejc Horvat Nekategorizirano 2018

Jadek & Pensa, one of the leading law firms in Slovenia, celebrated its 60th anniversary of successful business at home and internationally. Their jubilee, which took place just a month after the 150th anniversary of advocacy in Slovenia, made them celebrate the achievements of the past, and also emphasize their future-orientation. In addressing the clients’ […] Read this article...

A unique insight into trends in the electricity market

Nejc Horvat Nekategorizirano 2018

HEP Energy (HEP Energija) hosted the 4th get-together in Ljubljana, where the participants were given a unique insight into trends and expectations in the electricity market. Business partners and clients were offered professional advice, looked into the future of the industry and shared their own experiences. The energy power company of HEP Energija, which supplies […] Read this article...